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Shakisso Farm can be found in the Guji zone, the southern part of Oromia, one
of Ethiopia’s largest regions. The farm was started by father of seven, Haile
Gebre and began producing organic coffees in 2001.
Shakisso Farm spreads out over 640 hectares and has its own nursery sites to
grow coffee seedlings. During harvest, there are more than 300 coffee pickers
harvesting coffee and about 150 of them supply coffee individually to the wet mill
There are many gold mines in the area of Shakisso Farm, so the coffee fields are
literally full of holes where people have been digging for gold. This makes
walking between the coffee trees risky. As a result, the biggest challenge these
days is to find employees to maintain the plantation and pick cherries.
The Oromo people of Guji consider their region as the ancestral cradle of Oromo
culture. The ceremonies, rituals, and lore that come forth of the Gada
age-group system, are still subsequently and widely practiced among Guji’s
inhabitants. Besides the system, coffee farming has ancient roots within the
Guji culture – the two are inseparable.

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