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Koperasi Permata Gayo is a primary level cooperative based in the Northern
state of Aceh in Sumatra. Created in 2006 by small holder coffee farming
villages located in the BenerMeriah district.
BernerMeriah is a lush mountains area. Coffee farms are inter cropped with
other cash crops such as pepper and jackfruit.
The country is famed for the farmers version of ‘Giling Basah’ coffee processing.
Many still prize the distinctive taste profile from Sumatran semi-washed
coffees. The current processing methods are now refined and accentuate a more
complex profile.
The cooperative members have pro-actively worked on investing their
premiums received over the last decade into a number of social and environmental
projects. Gender equality programmes saw the creation of women’s coffees for
female headed households and micro credit courses to support business
investments outside their coffee income.

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