El Salvador Monte Sion (Single Estate)

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Monte Sion Estate
Fully Washed Bourbon from Cerro Cachio
Intense dark chocolate with a dash of paprika in the finish

Monte Sion Estate

The Monte Sión Estate was set up by the Urrutía family in 1906, and is still run today by Dr. Luis Urrutía and his wife. Monte Sión is dedicated to not only growing great coffee, but to social implications as well and was recognised by the United Nations for combating poverty in El Salvador.
Most of their coffee is Bourbon, but they are looking to expand their farms with exotic varieties. Most of their farms have been recently renovated with healthy young trees resulting in a stable production and better quality every year.
They work together with the communities and schools. Always making sure to help provide them with opportunities of self improvement. They are constantly providing food, hygiene products, clothing, show supplies, medical assessment and medicines.

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