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Find the little things that make coffee something special.


Coffee is a magical drink, a natural product packed full of goodness and rich in taste. Here at Bristol Coffee Company it is the first thing we drink in the morning and after a busy day in the office. 

We offer a variety for everybody, be it a commercial business or just an every day morning coffee with your breakfast.

Call in to our Coffee Boutique to purchase or buy online.

Bristol Coffee Signature Columbian Coffee

Colombia Supremo 

Colombian: Sourced from the famous Huila (pronounced wheeler) region of Western Colombia.

This coffee is wonderfully bright and fruity with notes of toffee apple and blackcurrant. This coffee has a complex juicy body with great sweetness throughout and subtle notes of dark chocolate in the finish.

Elsalvador.jpgEl Salvador Monte Sion Single Estate

House Blend

Multi origin 100% arabica blend.

With coffees from El Salvador, Brazil, India and Congo, this blend is heavy bodied with a roast nutty flavour, lively acidity which is toned down by the deep and intense dark chocolate notes. 

Previous known as our Festive Blend, this coffee proved to have such a following we have now incorporated it into our core range so it can be enjoyed all year round. 


Ethiopia Sidamo

Delicate citric like acidity. Flavours of stone fruit, citrus and delicate lemon grass With a Tea like body

Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union was founded in 2001 to represent coffee producing cooperatives in the Sida mo Region of southern Ethiopia.

Today, it has grown to represent 53 primary cooperative societies and over 80,000 farmers making it the second largest coffee producing cooperative union in Ethiopia.

Nearly all coffee produced by their member cooperatives is shade grown in low densities under the canopies of indigenous trees and enset, a staple food crop.

Members of SCFCU have been growing and processing Sidamo type coffee for more than 35 years, and are now producing app roximately about 10,000 tons of high quality Organic Arabica beans per year, 95% of which is washed.


House Blend Rich

A dark roast in the Italian style.

A blend of South American arabica with 10% Asian robusta gives this coffee a deep and rich flavour

Coffees from Brazil, Sumatra, Colombia and Ethiopia create an intense and strong coffee experience that will really get you going in the morning.

20 06 Bristol Coffee Co-31.jpg

Coffee Bags

Coffee Capsules.jpg

Coffee Capsules

A brand new range of Coffee bags.

Made the same way as good ol' cup of tea. No coffee equipment necessary making them perfect for taking to the office, out camping or if you just like an easy 'proper' coffee at home. 

100% Colombia Coffee Bags 

Rich and complex, notes of dark chocolate, blackcurrant and citrus peel, full bodied with a clean sweet finish.


Decaffeinated Coffee Bags 

Rich walnut and chocolate notes with a smooth mouthfeel and soft acidity.


Latin America Coffee Bag 

Balanced, full bodied espresso with notes of roasted nut, dark cocoa and forest fruits. Smooth mouthfeel with a long bittersweet finish.


Sumatra Blend Coffee Bag

An intense, spicy yet sweet blend with a  thick body and a spiced peach aroma.


A new range of Nespresso machine compatible coffee capsules.

Enjoy Bristol Coffee Company's exclusive blends in an entirely recyclable aluminium capsule to enjoy at home or the office.


Our signature single origin fairtrade colombian coffee makes for the perfect every day coffee. Bright and fruity, juicy and sweet.


Delicate tea like body, juicy soft apple and honey melon with subtle honey sweetness throughout.

Decaffeinated Capsules (Swiss Water Process) 

Smooth, mild and sweet with good notes of roasted peanut, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough.

Ristretto Blend

Dark and bold roast with roasted nuts and rich cocoa flavours. Develops syrupy notes if drunk with milk. 

Ligero Blend

Balanced body with milk chocolate and malty flavours. Plum sweetness and light brown sugar finish.

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